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Haynes Broadcasting, Inc.  "An Equal Opportunity Employer" 

 EOE Policy: This radio station is an equal opportunity employer and, under our current owners, have followed a consistent practice of outreach to our community and work force regarding broadcast career and job opportunities. As of March 10, 2003, the effective date of the FCC’s new EEO rules, this radio station is continuing those EEO efforts. This radio station currently working to update and expand our mailing lists of organizations wishing to receive notices of their job openings. In addition, we are planning to continue our efforts to recruit widely for job openings at the station by posting information about future opportunities with a variety of media and other organizations, including but not limited to the organizations that have requested to be on their expanded mailing list. Finally, this radio station intends to engage in a variety of long-term recruitment initiatives to better educate the public about careers in broadcasting and better prepare interested students and others to enter or advance in such careers. This radio station's next annual report will contain further detail about the progress of those efforts.

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